New Year Bonus?

I am curious what the average annual “Chinese New Year” bonus is for English teachers at cram schools? Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but after working at the same school for 3 years now, I was surprised to see that this year my bonus was 3k. For the last two years it has been 10k.

Now I am not sure if I should be concerned, or if I should just consider myself lucky to get anything at all compared to other cram school teachers. One of my coworkers who has worked at the same school for eight years also received just 3k and now plans on quitting. Business at the school has actually been doing better - with a higher enrollment and retention rate than previous years.

So, back to the question - what if any, bonus do you receive on average?

The formula for the year end bonus should be in either the contract or the work rules. If there are (or have been in the past) at least 30 employees (by the definition of “worker” in the Labor Standards Act), there needs to be a formal set of work rules approved by the local labor department, and if in doubt you can request a copy from the department.

If the formula is unlcear or is clear but doesn’t match the actual bonus received, you can give your employer a headache by requesting a labor inspection, and you can even do it anonymously.