Newbie query: Teaching in Taoyuan

Hi have been offeref a job in Taoyuan with Shane schools. Its a franchise school that is part of Shane. Anybody have experience teaching in this town? Looks boring. Ok for saving money - mine is running out in Taipei. Would also like to learn chinese can one do that from here as easy as anywhere else in Taiwan.

Seems i would have to work 12 months mar - mar. not an academic year. grateful for any input.

Thanks to everyone who answered my other queries

Shanes is right downs the street from where I work. How do they pay? The school I work at offers 600 to start.

Hi, Shane school is offering me 550 an hour.

When are you arriving? Unfortunately the school I work at is only offering around 15 hours (or less). But, if combined with a morning job, one could be satisfied?!