Newish Computer: Errors

I’ve got quite a new computer and it keeps popping up with runtime errors saying, “Do you wish to debug? etc.” I took it back to the shop and they said basically it’s not their problem, it’s the software, but the thing is it’s new and I shouldn’t have any problems with it, and they of course put Windows on it in English. Can anyone tell me what’s causing these errors or what to do about it?

No, unless you give us a little bit more info. What exactly does the error message say? When does it appear?

For example, when I did a Yahoo search, when it got to the first search page, it gave me an error message saying:
Line: 309
Char: 3
Error: ‘SymRealWinOpen’ is undefined
Code: 0

and it’s done this a few times for the same action - Yahoo search. There was also an error that said:
runtime error LIne: 24 'documo tnol player is null or not an object
… or something similar.

Runtime Error
Line: 25
‘_d’ is undefined

And others …

Those are JavaScript error messages. Do you have any sort of ad / pop-up blocking software installed? Try disabling it (or just disabling it for the yahoo site) and see if the problem still occurs. You can also try to disable script debugging in Internet Explorer (Tools/Internet Options/Advanced/Browsing/Disable Script Debugging). Better yet: use Firefox instead of IE:

Hope this helps.


Distable script blocking in Norton Internet Security.

Actually I can’t reproduce the error on my system so I guess I must have done something else to fix it.
Running Live Update to update Internet Security/Antivirus
Updating JavaRE
Running Windows update

Wow thanks - I’ll try those tomorrow. I guess it’s … er possible … that I removed something important when I was doing an AdAware quarantine.