Next laptop ideas

It also has a major lack of inputs, but I am looking for mobility over most other features. 8 hours? Feel like that’s a stretch, but hell, I haven’t been keeping up with tech these days. My last laptop purchase was a brick of an Asus that is now collecting dust in my closet and my desktop is closing in on 10 years old.

I have used both MacBooks and Windows machines for years and currently have one of each so I’m not biased either way.

What I love about my MacBook Air which is a mid-2013 version is that it is still going strong after seven freakin years as a “lounging on the couch while watching Netflix” computer. Both my wife and I have used the hell out of it and it amazes me how it still runs as snappy and starts up as fast as the day we bought it (that is never the case with Windows machines, which for whatever reason slow down year after year unless you wipe them and start over, which is annoying).

When I look at the overall cost of that MacBook Air over seven years, it’s damn cheap. I’d love to keep it for ten years before replacing it and probably will be able to. The build quality is just amazing.

As for Windows machines, I use them for gaming. They don’t last as long so overall they tend to be more expensive (for me), even thought the upfront cost is lower. Right now I have a laptop with an i7 and 1060 that I got in 2018 which I’m very happy with. But for people who don’t game or do any major productivity work, honestly a MacBook just seems like a better deal.

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Are you buying in the US or Taiwan?

In Taiwan laptops are overpriced and underspecced. Standard here seems to be 8GB of RAM and i5 CPU, which costs the same an an i7/16GB laptop back home. This has been discussed before, but it’s likely due to Taiwan’s ridiculous import taxes:

Lenovo Taiwan has great sales on their website, til the end of tomorrow I believe. I bought a Flex (which isn’t called a Flex here…) for 2/3 the normal price.
The kicker is, it will take 3-4 weeks to ship, but I’m not in a rush, and it’s the best price I’ve found after months of on and off looking.
So if you’re interested in a Lenovo but put off by the price, now might be the time…

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Anyone ordered on in Taiwan and used the 10% off for Lenovo Pro customers? Is this only available via phone? Do you think a non Taiwanese LTD company but delivery to Taiwan will be eligible too?

I’m thinking about ordering a X1 Carbon Gen 9 and the 10% would make quite a difference…
In general Lenovo here seems to be pretty cheap compared to Europe (while strangely Asus is not much of a difference). I’ld prefer a new notebook with Ryzen 5000 but there isn’t anything that seems to compete with X1 Gen 9 for me (must is a 2560x1440/1620 or 4k display, good keyboard, 14", <1.2kg, 8 hours or more of battery life for work/surfing the net, small bezel, sturdy).

Or can you maybe also use a coupon code. I can’t find that specific coupon code however…

Get a second hand Mac air or MBP 13” (one of those Intel chip ones) and install windows on it through boot camp. I still think Apple makes the best hardware. A second hand one would run under $1k, probably closer to 500

well on you cannot order with foreign credit cards - at least not with the 10% small business discount. I am going to try to order via phone with the 10% off. Lenovo direct order here is really cheap - but lenovo laptops in stores pretty overpriced (cannot find new models or for prices higher than direct).

Or are their any shops that you can get good prices (meaning the sames as lenovo Taiwan website) for new models? I’m looking at at X1 Carbon Gen 9, UHD+ panel, 1TB SSD, english keyboard specifically…

Have you tried Lenovo’s own stores?

No I didn’t know they have their own one’s. It doesn’t seem there is a real Lenovo store in Taichung however. The “Lenovo” store in Taichung on google maps is clearly just a tiny outlet in a shopping city…