NHI Dental Treatment Coverage

So I am new here in Taiwan and currently living in Hsinchu. I want to know whether dental treatments are covered in NHI? If yes, is there any limitation? If I have a sickness or illness, how do I exactly go to a doctor/clinic? Do I need to make and appointment and what are the services which I need to pay for ?

Q: What does Taiwan’s National Health Insurance cover?

  • Most preventive medical services
  • Most prescription drugs
  • Most dental services
  • Chinese medicine
  • Home nurse visits
  • Hospitalization fees for shared hospital rooms with three other patients (4 person room)
  • Part of some medical devices

Q: What is not covered by Taiwan’s National Health Insurance?

  • Chemotherapy
  • Prolonged treatments over a month long
  • Flu medicine (only 800 NT without NHI)
  • Private hospital rooms
  • Some costs for prolonged hospital stays
  • 4D embryo scans and other pregnancy tests
  • Planned births (planned C-sections)
  • Braces
  • Tooth implants
  • Full numbing or sleeping gas during dental procedures
  • Other specific surgery types or treatments

You will have to fill up a Form with all your personal information (Remember to bring your ARC ) and show your NHI card
I think the clinics need the proof of the 3rd vaccine for covid-19 , so is a good idea that you bring the Yellow vaccine certificate or other vaccine certificate from your home country

Is better to make an appointment in advance (by call, online or just go to the clinic)
If is an emergency then you should go the hospital directly

You should expect to pay the service fee and if case there is a special medicine then you will have to pay for that too

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I can’t believe chemo isn’t covered.