NHL Hockey

Does anyone else here like NHL Hockey? I am from Detroit the defending Stanley cup champs so I guess I am spoiled. So far I haven’t found a way to watch the games in Taiwan. I know it is a regional sport and that there would be little interest here but I miss it. My favorite player to watch is Pavel Datsyuk. Unbelievable skills!

Use this site:


You’ll need to download and install “sopcast” for some of the games. Quality varies, but at least you can watch a game live. There are some other sites with bittorrents of complete game, but it’s usually a day later before you can watch it.

Hope this helps.

It’s been a bit quieter this year than last, but some of us puckheads on Forumosa talk hockey on .

The myp2p site works to some level of success, but is shaky at the best of times.
You can also try channelsurfing.net and atdhe.net. The quality at the atdhe site isn’t half bad, and pretty much every game is offered. :thumbsup:

It’s been a rough season so far, but…GO ISLANDERS!!!