Nice Grass

Weed, man – it’s near driving me crazy.

So we laid a lawn a year ago when we moved in, and now the weeds just keep on coming. Not just in the borders, I can deal with that, but it’s up through the turf itself, all over. Looks like we bought the wrong turf.

I don’t mind weeding once or twice a month, but this is sisyphean.

What’s the best sward to have in Taiwan? I miss the lush green pastures of home, but there must be something here.

Have you considered using bathroom tiles instead?

Low maintenance. And, it’s indigenous. :thumbsup:

Surely you mean ‘weeds’, no? Weed growing in your front garden wouldn’t be anything to complain about :whistle:

Lawns get weeds. Any monoculture will get weeds, especially in a severely-disturbed ecosystem; the weeds are strong and your grass isn’t. For the ultimate in low-maintenance, your best bet is to grow a lawn of weeds. I’m not kidding. I tried to find clover seeds but there doesn’t seem to be a local species in Taiwan. I’ve seen a similar kind of plant, also a fabaceae, little yellow flowers like vetch; it’s attractive, keeps close to the ground, nitrogen-fixing, and will out-compete any weed. I’ll let you know when I find out what it’s called! Mix it up with other locals - f’rinstance there’s a particular kind of tall, reedy grass that seems to just move in whereever it sees a patch of bare ground. Keep it short and you’ve got something resembling a lawn. Look around any wild area in Taiwan, somewhere that resembles your home soil and climate, find some wild plants you like, and just take a few home. They’ll spread out within a year or so (especially if you collect the seeds) and all you’ll need to do is slash them down every so often.

Anyway, the point is, grow something that suits the climate; a wilder, more lush, diverse kind of garden. And learn to enjoy your weeds - or at least the ones you select yourself. The green, green grass of home just isn’t going to grow right in Taiwan unless you want to spend your whole life tending to it.

Plant ground cover instead, with flagstones through it for walking. My parents use something like this:

You should use the right mixture of different weeds.

well, i’ve given up mostly - just pulling the weeds out now when they get to eye-level. Some good advice from finley, and i’m so taking a back seat and letting the weeds do their thing. It’s much more harmonious, and who needs a monoculture anyway? Here are pics of by far the two biggest invaders: yellow, and purple. Don’t know what either of them are, but I pulled up a large purple last week and there was some kind of tuber growing underground :astonished:. Need to ask the wife. Who was not happy at my decision to withdraw all troops from the weeding frontline, but a new approach is needed.

Perhaps we’ll get around to sowing some wildflowers etc too.

Happier now.