Nice hotel for a few days in Taipei?

Hi guys. It looks like I will be transferring to Taichung from Taoyuan in early February. I have some business that keeps me in Taoyuan for another week (unfortunately) but after that, I’d like to spend a few nice days in Taipei. Can anyone suggest a good hotel for a 3 night rest in an interesting area? I will do a few general things, but the aim is to actually relax and rejuvenate without breaking the bank. Any suggestions?

Should be:

  1. Affordable but comfortable: say 2-3000 NTD
  2. Have a restaurant AND be near good food places
  3. Hopefully speak a bit of English and not be spooked by a foreigner
  4. Have good standars.

That’s it really.

Thanks for any ideas.

P.S. It is freezing in Taoyuan so heating would be useful if Taipei is also cold.

My wife just stayed a night with some friends in Aloft by Marriott or something like that. Seems like she was positively surprised

I suggest CityInn Hotel Plus Fuxing N. Rd, it doesn’t have a restaurant, but is really close to nice ones. Their second floor is a nice lobby area and they have washer and dryers.

Hotel Royal-Nikko Taipei
No. 37-1號, Section 2, Zhongshan N Rd, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 104
+886 2 2542 3266

What is your idea of “rest” and what is “an interesting area”?

What is your idea of interesting area? Ximen is one, maybe Dadaocheng if that is your thing, Cityhall business district…

City, trees, river, nothing, something. Rest and interesting is wide-open.

Rest and rejuvenate maybe outside of central Taipei like Beitou or Wulai.

Unless you want rest and rejuvenate inside hotel, but have anything else available outside.

Thanks for suggestions. I am sure I can find something. Looks like Aloft ticks most of the boxes without being too expensive.