Nice Resort Near Kaohsiung?

I’d like to spend a couple days relaxing before school starts in August. I need a place with a pool, (housekitten’s request) some kid’s activities, and nice rooms. I’ve been to YOHO, but years ago and before I was a mom. I had a great time, but don’t know remember considering anything at all about kid stuff. The pool is my boy’s priority, my priority is some quiet, relaxed time with maybe a cold drink or two.

Any suggestions?

well I dunno about housecat but I’m kind of bummed no one has relied to this topic! OP - did you get any where with this?

Nope. Maybe there’s no where to go.

Trip Advisor is usually close to the mark. <-Those are the eight in or near Ktown that have pools. Han Hsien International is not bad for under USD 100 a night. Indoor pool.