Nice things in Taipei

That was . . . intimate.


Interesting to see that giant building near Taipei Main in this thread, I’ve also been fascinated by it - it’s pretty intense even by Taipei standards.


So a few years ago I was entering that traffic circle from the right. A little blue truck entered from the left, and cut across right in front of me. His rear bumper hooked onto my front bumper, and I naturally braked hard, ripping off his whole rear bumper, which clattered onto the road. I saw him turn and yell, and I took off toward the train station. Looking at it now perhaps he had right of way. My bad.

@Dr_Milker seems you were right about that building…

Huh? How was I right?

Not sure if this is the best way to link or quote the post:


Theres a strawberry festival at the strawberry farms in Neihu each year up the mountains by Baishihu Suspension bridge usually around March-April. The road leading up the mountain is near Neihu MRT, You need a scooter or car its too far to hike

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This thread has been open for 4 months already, and there are only 12 or so places mentioned. Surely you can do better… or is it just Taipei?

Nothing is nice in this sweltering heat… :sweat_smile:

More than anything, I wanna tear down that monstrosity.


Jeez, kids these days have no respect for tradition. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


You LIKE that?

No, I don’t like it. I love it. I have a sneaking suspicion that the soul of Taipei resides somewhere in the dark recesses of that building.


I think we disagree on this one. I like the Japanese houses next to it but this 11 storey building needs to go down. It’s wasting valuable airspace above it.

it’s also warping the very fabric of space time due to it’s immense mass… black hole style.

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Sigh. You uncultured foreigners just don’t understand mid-1970s Northern Taiwanese Brutalist architecture.


Soul? More like the evil spirit of old taipei
that is ONE ugly building

BRUTALIST? i like that :slight_smile:

It does have a bit of a mid-50s Stalinist vibe to it, I concur.

That building needs more than a sprinkling of salt. The lack of salt has probably been the cause of other similarly ugly buildings mushrooming around Taipei.