Nickname for Taipei?

London is affectionately known as ‘The Smoke’, Manchester as ‘Rainy Town’. Chicagoans proudly refer to themselves as hailing from the ‘Windy City’. There there’s Motor City (Detroit), the Goldfish Bowl (HK) and on and on.

So, gentle readers, how about a handle for Taipei?

I mean it in good fun, not an(other) opportunity to pan the place.

Type “A”?

‘Tora Bora’

Been calling it Taipoo for years.

The Big Betel Nut

The Big Apple NYC,

Tokyo is called the Big Mikan (Japanese orange)

The Mole on the Face of Gaia, That You Don’t Pluck the Hairs Out Of Because It’s Bad Luck Not To Let Them Grow.


Tile City

Tile City here I come.
Tile City here I come.
Cause they got lots of pretty women.
And I’m gonna get me one of them.

Can I say “Shithole” here? :laughing:

I felt the same at 9:30 AM, but I’m having my 2nd cup of excellent coffee, and I feel so much better now.

Yeah babe. :slight_smile:

My tarot cards say better not. :shock: I was surprised too…

“The Armpit of Asia”

The Soup Bowl

(surrounded by mountains, filled to the brim with hot petrochemical soup)