Night bus Keelung to Taipei/Banqiao?

Does anyone know if there is a night bus that runs after 12 am between Keelung and Taipei/Banqiao?
I know the buses/trains stop at like 12:30/12:45 am.
Looking for something AFTER, as I will be attending the Ghost Festival in Keelung on the 15th and would like to return home rather than having to spend the night there.
Info in English would be helpful, as my Chinese is…not good enough to navigate a website…

The lack of late-night transit options here is a bit of a headscratcher.

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Its just that the lantern release takes place AT 23:00 and the last train departs at 23:05…

Yeah, it’s not like life here shuts down at 12:00 AM or anything. The all-night airport buses are about the only 24H thing I can think of.

Me too!!! I know about the Taipei to Taoyuan Airport night bus, which makes sense, but I was hoping there would be like a special event bus or something a more experienced person on here would know about…

What is this lantern release you refer to?

How about Taxi? About NT$500 to Taipei Station area?

For the Ghost Festival

Maybe @Keelungwalk might know?

Yeah I skipped that last year cos I didn’t feel like staying in peelung overnight




??? Cant read chinese, but thanks

They will have two extra buses from 望海巷 to Taipei at 24:00 and 23:50, and extra train from Keelung station to 樹林 at 00:50.