Nightclubs/nightlife near Taoyuan station

What are some good nightclubs near Taoyuan train station?

I’m a western man in my 30’s and I am looking to meet some locals/fellow expats and to date women in their 20’s and 30’s,

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Do you like Thai or Filipino girls?

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Honestly, it depends on the individual. Sorry if that sounds too politically correct but that’s been my personal experience.

Thanks for the reply…

Let me guess…there are places near there where Thai and Filipino girls are known to hang out? Please do tell…

I don’t live in that area, so I don’t know. But, I can’t imagine the local Taiwanese have a buzzing nightlife scene near the train station.

Mostly in Zhongli near train station now. Even the Taoyuan nightclubs will tell you that.

Please forgive my ignorance…why would there not be nightlife near a train station?

These are some places around train station area. Take a look, and you’ll see others around. Also have KTVs in the area, which aren’t on this list

  • Around train station
    • Chief
    • Weta
    • Monster Music Pub
    • The HOP foreigners pizza
    • Thai, Vietnamese, etc. bars on Sundays and maybe other weekend nights at Audi Garden building

Most get going late, 10pm or after. HOP is good early and to chat with foreigners and locals.


Blimey, it’s a hub activity.

But to be honest, bars and clubs near train stations tend to be a bit seedy. Just saying.

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Here is some nightlife info one train station away. A bit dated but still useful.

I was gonna say is River still around? Think I remember that place getting busted up over a decade ago over a fight with a furriner.