Nightlife Around Yonghe District?


I used to visit at least once a year to see family, however, now I’m traveling alone and would like to meet others while I’m out there exploring. Any suggestions on where I can run into other English speakers? And maybe party/enjoy Taiwan with some?

Thanks in advance!


In Yonghe? There are some bars around where occasionally you might find a lonely english-speaking soul. If you’re exclusively into english speaking crowds, I’d suggest you go to a more downtown area, nearby 101 for example. It may cost you the price of a drink or two by taxi;)


thanks for your response!
i’ll definitely try to make it out to that area.

how about places around XiMen?
from my understanding, that’s where a lot of people my age hang out haha.


Yong He? That’s @tempogain 's neighborhood. If you want to be in the good graces of the admin, buy him a beer (or two) here…

Not sure what your age is, but you may not have a big issue finding an English speaking chap in there.

Ximen is a lot of the high school to early college years kind of crowd. The bars behind the Red House is also where the gay bars are located. I’ve been to one of them on the northern corner, which I do not think is a gay bar and I really liked it. If you enjoy sitting outside on a hot summer night enjoying a beer, that’s the place to go.


yonghe is not that far from taipei city. Just take a cheap cab ride or uber into the city.


There’s a few bars/pubs around the the National Taiwan Library in Yonghe, haven’t been to many but been meaning to check it out. Definitely a student crowd.

A lot of late night cafes around NTU/Guting station which is just across the river from Yonghe also.


Guting just got a Roxy cafe/bar thing too. Have seen some people in there at night, might be worth a bored shot.

Or if you’re feeling miserable, Club Box/Wax (What is it called now?)


I appreciate all the replies, everyone!

I’m 27, so it’d be nice to find an area where people my age hang out.
I’ve only really known about XiMen because I used to love going there as a kid/teen lol.

Always visited Taiwan with family in the past. This next time around should be a nice change :slight_smile:

For anyone who usually travels alone–what does your day usually consist of other than the obvious tourist sightseeing?



Get your ass to Babe18.


babe18 is the worst night club I have ever been to.


Sure, it’s too small and there are constant fistfights on the dancefloor, but it attracts a college-age crowd.


27 is college age? Pretty sure OP is a few years past “college age”


He’s a 27-year-old man, that means he should be looking at girls in their early 20s.


i like where your mind’s at @Super_Fire! hahah.

any other areas you guys have in mind?

maybe some suggestions for nearby areas that are more classy than others?


Omni on a Saturday evening won’t have a shortage of English speakers and classy acts.


You can always go to KOR next door for free and mingle and pre drink and find some ladies before 12ish to head into the club at Omni. They are literally connected in the same building.