Nintendo DS / GBA - MP3 & Video Player

Does anyone know if the officially licensed Nintendo Play Yan will be released in Taiwan?

I’ve seen a compact flash version available on ebay but I’m not sure if it is worth buying. I’ve heard there is also a SD version but I’m yet to see it.

Anyone got any info on either?



Which one are you after, the DS one or the GBA one? Because I saw something about a DS-specific media player (not a Play Yan model either) being released later in the year, although I’m not sure what market that was in.

I’m after one for the DS. The one i’ve seen on ebay is compact flash and works with both the ds and gba.

Not sure if it is worth waiting for the nintendo release or not. hmmm…

Well, I don’t think the DS-specific one is a Nintendo release. I’ll see if I can find the info.

i think you’re right. here is a link to the play yan. doesn’t look like official nintendo merchandise to me. … ts_id=6239

and this is the gba / ds one i have seen on ebay … dZViewItem

I was positive i heard that there would be an official nintendo release but can’t find jack anywhere.