No (any?) postal service to the Philippines (and some other countries)?!?

Went to the post office this morning to send something to my nephew in Manila. The postal clerk was surprised to discover there is no service she could offer me - the computer system didn’t seem to be cooperating. She also checking a list of countries and explained the computer has the more up to date data – the print out she had was dated 8 April.

My item isn’t urgent, but I will check the freight forwarders around At Christopher’s in Taipei on what they might be able to do to help me

I was there just this weekend and I can confirm to you… No service of documents or package to the Philippines until further notice.

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This might not help, but mail to friends in US and have them mail to Phils.
Think Taiwan has mail service only to the US in all the Americas.

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Use DHL. That’s the only thing that is actually working. (and DHL calls Taiwan a country)

Canada is on that list and DHL worked just fine.


Second this. Expensive af but the only thing that works right now.

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Tried to send a package to Hungary a while ago. Was told no can do. :expressionless:

You’ll need to use a courier like DHL or Fedex.

Thanks for the info. I’m planning to send a small package to Philippines. Planning to check DHL in next couple days.

Just two weeks ago I sent a shipment to HK, it’s one of the few countries that are serviced right now. Only two days to get there with EMS.

Over 100 countries have no postal service until further notice.

It’s a bit of a headache because I have to renew my passport in June. I think I’ll FedEx it and then put a return FedEx envelope in for the Passport people to return it to me.

Have to renew mine UK, no shipping/airmail from UK and we all know what a fuckup they’ve made of Virus situation, fly back into quarantine? never know may have it active by end of June?

Yeah, my parents tried to ship to me in Italy and it wasn’t available.

LBC says #WeAreStillMovingIt
They’re still doing deliveries. I’m sure they can get it as far as Manila.

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I think airmail is still working. The time is the issue. How many people are working who handle it.

What worries me is sending my passport and application form back and no fucker’s dealing with it.

The obvious solution would be to process it through the BTCO as they used to, but I appreciate that they have more pressing issues than a few expats in Taiwan.

My sister sent me a replacement bank card and spare part for my watch, 6 weeks ago, nothing yet.

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DHL it is, then.

Went there a week ago, said they didn’t have air cargo to Manila while lockdown is in place. Only sea cargo is available.

It’s just a question of how much you want to pay.