No APRC? Avoid T-Star 台灣之星

Wouldn’t let me have the same contract as my wife as i didn’t have an “ID number”, then a couple of years later wouldn’t let me sign for the trial of the mobile broadband, but my wife could. It wasn’t for lack of arguing and tried a couple of different places.

Yea. These changes are relatively recent.

That is why I am beating the drum for TWM.

We will se on my next encounter, but GT was helpful from day 1 and that was over 3 years ago.

Exactly. Others have been happy with FET, but when I went in with my APRC they wouldn’t give me the time of day. I went down the street to 大哥大 who were happy to have my business without a guarantor or deposit. I’ve been with them ever since.

CHT has always fixed my issues over the many years i have been a customer. I support the local company and they tend to fuck us foreigners much less. More importantly, you can tell at them if they mistreat you and eventually they move.

Nothing surprises me anymore. I wouldn’t be surprised if they asked for a blood test and a stool sample. And maybe a copy of your family tree.

Maybe volunteer the stool and blood sample when they reject your Taiwanese issued ID…

In the end I went back to GT mobile to see what kind of deal they could offer me to stay. They said I could do the same $299 deal, but this time I needed both a deposit and a guarantor! Ridiculous.


I was asked to do both when I applied for residency in Taiwan. I’ll just refer them to those samples.


Anonymous mandarin media report and move on :slight_smile:

Looks like they went back to their old ways.

Generally existing customers dont have restrictions

I just finished my 2 year $1599 a month contract with Taiwan mobile. I was set on cancelling, but they sweet talked me into their $1399 a month 5G 2 year contract deal. Now regretting it since I’m locked for another 2 years. Should have went with 4G since I heard battery life is much better and speed is not noticeable.

Doing more research I wish I’d gone with 最有彈性的上網吃到飽 | 無框行動

It’s about 450NT a month for unlimited 4G (on chunghwa mobile’s network?), no contract, and they give you rebates down to only $166 NT a month if you use less than 3GB a month. Probably best to get a low data plan and stop staring at your phone all the time. I think people here in Taiwan are glued to their phone and it’s bad for their health. Now I have to stare at my phone all the time or feel guilty about wasting the expensive unlimited 5G plan.

Also have quite a bit of spam SMS accumulated over the last 2 years, so changing to a new number every 2 years might not be a bad idea.

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cht 599/month unlimited. proper service nationwide. good speed and phone time. granted I dont use the regular phone to call often, but sometimes. seems to work out cheaper than private companies end of the day. and no bullshit. I usually use 120~180gb a month data on the unlimited plan. I originally signed up with regular arc, now with special but it’s the same Id # so everything is smooth.

I would be insulted if asked for a passport by them…

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Yea. I know. They changed the site back. That’s why I only focus on Dual Citizenship efforts.

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I have mentioned this like 10x on the boards. GT rewrote their rules again

I don’t fight individual battles anymore.

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Yea. That is when I forced GT to end their foreigner unfriendly policy.

They put it back in.

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When I had complained to the government about them years ago they made me leave a deposit that they refunded after the year contract was up and allowed me to keep the service for $188
I since cancelled since the service was lacking in the mountains where I went often.
I guess if I try now it would be deposit and guarantor again.

CHT was hit and miss. The 2 branches in Kaohsiung let me sign up guarantor free, Taichung branch said they wanted a cosigner so I guess CHT is hit and miss

Right. I had that codified for a while.

When they changed it back. That was the realisation that this is systemic.

Today when I went there they said I could only get my deposit back if I stopped the service. Since I don’t know who I’m gonna change to yet, I kept the service. I couldn’t lock in that price for another two years again because they wanted both a deposit and a guarantor this time.

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TWM $999 home and phone combo

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