No Chinese

Do you find "No Chinese" offending?

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I find this sign everywhere in Taipei. sometimes in language centers and other places ooops…

I reminds me of the colonial era when China was the sick of Asia, and concessional land in China has a sign “No Chinese” which meant no Chinese people were allowed in the premises.

So I’d like to see a better sign, “Speak only English”


anton xie

Reminds me of the sign up on that hangar at CCK, “No dogs or Chinese allowed” (in that order)
Or, the admission rules at BT, foreigners no cover charge.

But, I’m quite sure it’s not meant that way, and you’re probably the only one offended by it.

Perhaps an Englishman might be offended by a “No English” policy at a Mandarin language center?

(Sure the Scots would love it though :wink: )

Don’t sweat it Anton, PC is like so yesterday.

antonxie your poll says, “No Chineese”, need to take out an e.

I hadn’t really thought of it as offensive, but I guess it should be changed to something like No “Chinese Speaking Allowed”, or “No Chinese Language”. to be more politically correct.

“No Chinese” is clear, direct and concise - the hallmarks of good language use.

Does anyone really misintepret this sign as directed against their nationality/ ethnic background?

And what about “No Smoking”?
I was whipping everyone at table tennis in the gym… Iwas so hot… I was smoking. In clear disregard of the sign.

Anton - you could boycott those places. That will show them.


You need to chill out. Way too oversensitive. Find something more worthwhile about which to worry.


“No Chinese” is often posted in Language Centers to indicate that the Centers operate on a strictly ALL ENGLISH policy.

Unfortunately, when you talk to the girls at the desk, they generally don’t speak English.

So, perhaps the sign should be more clearly indicated as:
“No Chinese – administrative personnel, boss, and janitors excluded.”

“If a foreigner touches you that’s called sexual harrasment. Please inform our security” … or something like that. Seen on the LED display at Roxy99.


  • means local people can touch a lady anytime anywhere and it’s ok
  • implies foreigners sexually harras the ladies all the time

Now it would be interesting to see what Roxy99 would do if all foreigners start to boycott the place …

Just do it, stop going there!

I have been there once only (some friends took me there) and never had the intention to go back.

About those signs in the various Roxy bars… I find the part: “…you will not like foreign country’s jail.” the most offensive for some reason.

I just feel so hated when I read that. My friends assure me I shouldn’t be so sensitive, but c’mon, can you imagine a sign saying the same thing back home? All it says to me is ‘Fuck you, you evil foreigner; we don’t want you, just your money.’ :imp:

As for signs in this city, who cares… since when was this place PC anyway? ‘No Chinese’ seems quite moderate compared other things I’ve read. Anton, I think you’re clutching at straws… how about improving the entire city’s pinyin system first…?

If “No Chinese” is meant to mean “100% English,” it would be better to have the signs read “100% English.” “No Chinese” is just a little ambiguous. Meanwhile, the word “Meiyu” should be dumped - There is no such language as “American.”

Well, the irony of the whole thing it’s offensive to foreigners but Rozy99 is a place (“the” place) for foreigners …

Nevermind, not going back there. Never. Or maybe … no …