No job application reply. Opinion needed


Hey everyone,
I would just like to get feedback regarding an issue of job application in Taiwan. I am foreign student over here. As I am going to finish my master in Electrical Engineering here, so I though I would apply for some companies over here as my major is related to chip industry. I started applying in February through 104 and by sending CV to HR through email but no one replied till now. I sent reminder email to HR but still no reply from them.
From what I can think is that it is due to chinese language problem. As my chinese is not good to speak fluently so this maybe an issue. Is there any foreigner who is working in Chip industries in Hsinchu or Neihu who will be able to provide feedback on this issue? For academics, I don’t think there is an issue as my grades are among top 5% and I got list of publications and good projects.
And I mostly applied in multi-national companies.

Or is this culture common in Taiwan to not reply to applicant even when some email is sent to HR? What does your experience say about this thing?


I did it when I was a freshly graduated from Uni,
Out of XX application I’ve sent, only few, less than 5 replied.
Best chance for you, is through recommendation, ask your adviser / professor,
whether he/she has some connection to some semiconductor company.
I know many people who got employment that way.

best of luck!


Personal experience shared between friends and me (marketing and medical science sector); their is no shortage of Taiwanese fodder (local graduates or from “prestigious” US and UK university (a lot of them are pay to play) that are willing to work for large multi-national company in Taiwan for peanuts. Foreigners especially with a local master ( everyone in the company I work out has that as a bare min.) and little experience will have a tough time competing with this lot especially when we demand better compensation and may not fully assimilate into the work environment and culture/

Like you, my Chinese is quite limited. For me, my few years of experiences from overseas has allowed to secure a comfortable middle management position in the Science sector which primary communicates in English due to the client base. I am one of the few they preferential converses in English in the company by email internally and externally, though to make people feel comfortable (especially when i’m criticizing their work…which seems to be a bit), I often use Chinese.


Not responding to job applicants is the standard.

The position might be filled already but nobody cared to close the ad - or left it deliberately open. It is not unusual in Taiwan that people get fired on the spot, or quit by walking out or by not showing up to work anymore. For these situations, companies can keep jobs listings open so there might be a few weeks of applicants to start screening for replacements from.

Welcome to Taiwan.


beware also of the possibility that the position has already been filled before the notice was published. … yes guanxi is important here… so try to build your own… and good luck! It is possible!


Standard everywhere for entry level, Taiwan even more so, Taiwan girls do it too :slight_smile:


Allegedly, internal reference gives you an edge in Taiwan-based multinational company.
Otherwise, the HR simply click “select all”, click “delete”.

On a serious note, was assigned to get a new R&D engineer at my company (I am not a HR tho). I forward like 20-30 potential interviewee… only 2 responded and accept the interview calls.
Seems like two edge sword of “chabuduo-ism”

“When in Taipei, …”
(you know the original, when in Rome phrase)

This is my company ad for Electrical Engineer opening.

It’s a small company, don’t expect much. But the better than nothing.


You might want to try these.


Thanks for help @arcticsquid for 104 link. But my major is quite different to what you provided as I am in chip designing but still quite thankful for your efforts. I am also not sure that will I be considered as good applicant due to different background then motors etc.
I have seen the link of contact Taiwan and found out that for mostly positions Chinese is required at the level of good. So, I should probably focus on Chinese instead of academics for job opportunity here.


I know… Most people who hailed from Electrical Engineering background here are actually Electronics or even Computer.
Difficult to find a real Electrical Engineer.


So, any reply from potential employer yet?


Nope. Not yet :grimacing::grimacing:


Might want to go for local companies to build experience . But keep sending out mails and checking 104.


Yeah. I am trying. Thanks :slight_smile:


Hey, Can I ask where you studied? Also maybe start with some lower paying stuff, get networking, improve your Chinese and get a few years of experience?


I am studying at National Central University.
I am trying to improve Chinese these days so it’s going good. For networking, I am gonna need some time out and good Chinese. Once graduated next month, I’ll be trying to do these things.


may I ask which country you are coming from? did you use Chinese for your cover letter?


I am from Pakistan. For mostly job applications, I used English. Only for rare applications, I used chinese.


@hums’s advice. Doesn’t your supervisor have some special connections with some companies for his/her students?


He has but he wants me to pursue phd so you know rest of the thing… :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: