No jobs listed in Taiwanted?

Why are there no jobs listed in Taiwanted? Is it because of a technical thingy problem or are no employers running ads in Taiwanted? I would think that a site like this would be chocked full of job postings by both individuals and schools.

Me too. Not a single teaching ad at all, not one. There used to be loads. What’s that all about? Really, that can’t be right at all.

OK, that was just plain weird.

Back on topic: Taiwanted has been a bust since last Summer. Nothing really works on there anymore and I haven’t seen anything new on there either. I heard that there was a redesign in the works and they changed their minds halfway. BTW, how is it affiliated with the flob? Its advertised but clearly is defunct. I don’t get it.

Is it still being redesigned, or is that finished now?