No oranges in the summer?


I bought a orange juice juicer and went to multiple fruit stores that told me there are no oranges in the summer. Only winter time. Are there literally no oranges at all?


Jeez man, 1st world problems :slight_smile:


The “official” orange season in Taiwan is after September, so you may have to wait a bit unless you want to buy imported stuff and/or very early oranges of dubious quality and at high prices.

Just enjoy mangoes while they’re still around in goiod quantities.


But you know there’s lot of fruits like avocado, dragon fruit (white and red), lots of mango
watermelon, grapes and cherries, bananas, guava.

Went this morning shopping at traditional market and bought those for week consumption.


Last year the mango season was a mess, very few and high prices due to bad weather in mango-counties. This year we’re back to the more traditional ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT-MANGO-24/7


I know but I got a orange juice juicer. It’s the one that rotates and grinds the juice out. Maybe grapefruit? If that’s available


yes indeed and my lunch was 1 whole mango and some grapes :smile:
then napping now i want to go out from my cave - bored.


There’s plenty of lemons/limes around, you could have fresh homemade lemonade!


True. Maybe some lemon ice tea as well


Also I guess I can get sparkling water and make sparkling lemonade


I’m sure you could get imported something, but the cheap local “liuding” you want are winter fruit


its a mango madness right now. i’ve never eaten so many. epic.


This year is banana heaven as there is a massive glut due to Taiwanese dreaming of banana riches :slight_smile:.
Mango season is right now and does seem a bit cheaper this year.


One of the revelations of being in Taiwan is that fruits are in fact seasonal. I always go through shock after the winter oranges disappear… Summers are for mangos, lots of fall fruit, winter oranges are awesome, but what to eat in spring?



They were plenty of oranges in my local RT Mart last week, try your local supermarket rather than fruit stalls.






Cherries are in the markets now–imports from the Pacific Northwest of North America (mostly US, some from Canada).

Strawberries in Taiwan are of course winter fruits.

What’s up with spring?



If you feel the need to buy imported US fruit while in Taiwan, sure, go ahead. I find the prospect of doing so to be be a more than faintly ridiculous though–no matter how cheap these dumped products are in the hypermarkets.



LOL, appropriated fruit much?! :rofl::roll_eyes: