No pork at McDonald's


Stopped for a quick breakfast at McDonald’s this morning. Was told no pork items are available for the time being due to the imported pork ban that is in place.

Kind of surprised me.




What kind of pork items does McDonald’s even have? I guess the ham in their breakfast McMuffins (and possibly the sausage, although that could be beef…)


Wonder where they’ve been importing their “pork products” from…



Nah the sausage is pork.


Thought their hamburger was pork, too.


I assume most of the breakfast menu. Rest of the day, not so much.


I’ve seen the delivery trucks and the burger meat is supposed to be 100% beef. I can’t remember the supplier’s name but it was a fairly famous brand from Argentina.

I can’t stress “supposed to be” enough, though.


They do have a pork cutlet-type burger with cheese sauce on the main menu that’s pretty tasty.


I always assumed the patties were made of cardboard, tofu, and pink slime.

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