No Taxis and Ubers in Kaohsiung

Just had a really bad experience where I needed to get somewhere urgently, but there were no taxis available (checked Line Taxi, and 55688 via app and phone) and no Ubers available in my vicinity。I was near 高雄美術館。Not sure how this is even possible on a Sunday in a major city. I have never had this issue in Hsinchu, Zhubei, Taipei, Hualien, Taichung etc.

I had to take the CRT to get to a more central place to get a taxi, and ended up being late to my urgent matter. Is Kaohsiung really this inconvenient, or is this because of this long weekend?

happened to me once in Taichung after a baseball game, took me long long time to get a cab.maybe there was an event or something that occupied all taxis.

No big event. If this was the case, I would be seeing taxis on the road. I just couldn’t see more than a handful of taxis at all for an hour.

Also for some reason, convenience stores seem to be sparser and more spread out compared to other big cities.

Happens to me every time I’ve been to Chiayi. You have to call for one.

As mentioned in my post, I called all the taxi services I know of, they all said no taxis available. And I could barely see any taxis at big intersections as well. Super weird.

Weird. Maybe the ones working were busy…


Yep, it’s this, plus numerous smaller festivals piggy backing off the big one, plus now rain. I’m still finding Ubers, but they are taking longer than usual and have a bit of a surge price going.

Restaurant reservations for tonight were nearly impossible to get, too.

I’m still seeing a few available taxis driving around downtown, but not many.

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Just half a million folks at the Design Festival, among many other things…on 10/10 weekend…No big event.


I meant that there was no event near where I was located. Streets weren’t busy, not many people around.

It seems that the city is overwhelmed already, and is not used to these many visitors. All the traffic must be near this design expo. Also not sure why this month long event is especially crowded this weekend?

Same thing in Yunlin today

Taxis tend to congregate in the areas with most business.

Holiday weekend might have a little to do with it.

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ya, probably just this was a busy weekend. I never use apps or phone numbers.

I always just walk to a likely road. I dont think I have ever waited more than 5 or 10 mins for a taxi in ktown. in an emergency that might be rough to walk so could be hard. but most major roads have taxis around 24/7. Maybe just need to hit a better location.

Remember that the earthquakes in September knocked out part of the TRA connection to the east coast.

I saw some stories indicating that many vacationers in the north who had planned to go the east coast consequently switched their plans to go south. And why not? Better weather, cheaper food . . . just apparently a lack of taxis holding things back!


Kaohsiung was really hot today unfortunately (Taipei is much more pleasant)

For me the food scene in Kaohsiung is pretty bad compared to Taipei and Taichung.

I think I just chose the worst time to go there

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Really sorry about this.

Did you find any decent Indian food down there? If so, let us know.


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Kaohsiung is a good place to own or rent a car. Nice wide roads, light traffic, cheap parking


The highest quality Indian food in Taiwan is in Tianmu (Saffron, Jai Ho, Spice Shop, Moksha) and Zhubei (MAS, Holi). Every other restaurant just has the same boring menu and similar taste imo.

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Recently enjoyed some paneer dishes from Moksha Daan in Taipei City. The granular masalas in their dishes are great!



Oh yeah they’re pretty good. But somehow I always end up feeling sick after eating at their Daan branch (but never at their Tianmu one)