No toni and guy? HELP ME!

Hi I’ve not been in Taipei long and am desperate to get my hair chemically straightened. I managed it at toni and guy in Beijing last summer for pennies and thought it would be more expensive here, but definitely doable.
Basically I really need somebody to recommend me the best salon in Taipei. I can speak Chinese, but would prefer if they spoke English. Some sort of ex-patty place. Price no object- I’m desperate!!!
This sounds totally vain and pathetic, but curly hair in this humidity is no joke!
Anyway, any info asap would be great!

Lindsay :help:

Hi Lindsay,

Most hair salon here can do straight perm. However prices varied
because of the type of chemical they used. My hairdresser did a very
good job but it’s rather pricy so I tried a different place that only
charge half the price and sure enough the result is bad. Even with
my hairdresser, he has to do the treatment twice because he said my
natural curl is bad! I would recommend you going to my hairdresser
but he does not speak English. Prices here start from 2000NT, anything
less I would be careful!