No Work Permit Required for Foreigner married to Local (Law Change May 2003)

I think that this information is important enough to post in a couple of different forums.

I am an American, just married to a Taiwanese National. I have been talking to a few people (Namely Richard, and the local Foreign Affairs Police here in Taichung) and the information that I have and understand for ANYONE (Regardless of where you are from) if you get married to a Taiwan National is this:

After you meet the requirements for actually getting married (These vary a little from country to country ?and this is not the topic I am talking about since I am married now and already went thru all of that business - I actually got married here in Taichung and am not planning on

Thanks for the update Randy, but don’t let my gf read that cuz i’m still “going thru all that business” (stop looking at Dear)

This information has been posted before. Richard never got around to posting a sticky, but I remember pasting this info from Richard in a couple of OWP related threads. Oh yeah, it’s right too.

I suppose this doesn’t apply to homosexuals, even those legally wed in their homeland. Not a joke, just a point.

Yes I doubt theat fredericka, try Canada. … mit+spouse

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Spousal foreigners still need a visa though. The law talks about “foreigners with residency rights…” and to have those you need an ARC and to have one of those you need a visa.

JFRV, it still exists and that is what you will have, perhaps you don’t know it though. It’s a visa, joining your family, you get an ARC. So, you do have an ARC and a JFRV, but you don’t need a work permit.

See article in Taipei Times … 2003067909

Is this true? You not only need a JFRV, you also need PERMANENT RESIDENCY? That’s news to me.

I’m married here and landed a job today. :slight_smile:

I need to show the HR department some kind of Chinese evidence of this Article 48. (To prove that I got full working rights).

Is there an official website or brochure from the Labor Affairs that has the full text of this article? (In Chinese). I know Richard got this on his Taiwan Advice site, but I need something more official to prove it’s the real thing.

(I think this info should go into the KB)

Congrats on the job . . . but good luck with HR :wink:

This link posted above should shut them up. Tell them if they have any questions to let their fingers do the walking.


Here’s the complete text of the Employment Services Law from the Ministry of Justice law search site.


Thanks! Some Guanxi coming your way.