Noel's new Taiwan YouTube channel

Here is our new attempt at a Taiwan focused, Mandarin based YouTube channel. It only has a couple of videos so far, but I am working on it.

If anyone is interested in following our time settling in here in Taiwan, feel free to drop by and subscribe.


Are you in Taiwan!?!?!

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Congrats on the move (and the 5000 NTD)! Best of luck to you and the family.

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Hell yeah dude.
Cole really tells it like it is doesn’t he. Respect little man.

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Yeah, we have been in Taipei for a couple of weeks now. We are going to Hualien for a bit this coming week, then back to Taipei until just after New Year. After that we will be in Kaohsiung until Chinese New Year. Then big decisions need to be made as to which city we settle down in.

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He sure does. Sometimes a little too much though - but he is almost a teenager, so what can you do?

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That was definitely a nice surprise! It is great to be back.

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Good luck with your channel!

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A couple of new videos, now with English sub-titles:

Da-An Park

Taipei 101


wow, great video! Props to you for pivoting to Mandarin, very impressive! And props for sticking to creating…I know how much of a slog it is and I don’t have the same level of discipline.

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Thanks Max! It is much easier now that we are in Taiwan and have more interesting things to film and talk about. For now it is documenting our initial arrival, travelling around, and search for a more permanent home. We will see what happens after that.

We put up a new video today. It is just us trying YouBikes for the first time, and our ride along the JiLong river, and over to RT Mart/Costco in Neihu.


Best wishes to you and your family in Taiwan!!!

As a Canadian, I totally understand the reasons for migrating out of Canada.

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During this past week our channel has taken off. I don’t know exactly what happened, but the YouTube algorithm picked us up, and since then, wow. We are very surprised to say the least.

Here is our newest video of our new years eve:


Dude that’s awesome!! I told you, just keep pushing!

I think the shift to Mandarin really worked well :slight_smile:

Yeah, I think so too. That, and ours is a new channel that the algorithm didn’t need to compare to past videos. And most importantly, the Taiwanese YouTube audience is very into new foreign faces and channels, especially when the channel is in Mandarin.


A new video. Not really about much other than getting breakfast in the DongHu area.Check it out if interested.