Noise cancelling microphone for youtube videos

I’m creating educational videos and I want to record myself talking while doing the video, but the problem is I don’t have a microphone that could cancel background noises, is there a place in Taipei where I could buy this? I know Guanghua electronics market might have this (not sure) but I just want to know some opinions here.

I ordered a microphone from B&H, it arrived quickly and I had no import tax. Sometimes their stuff can be cheaper than in Taiwan even after considering shipping cost.

Well, I need the microphone ASAP so I need to know where in Taipei I could get this, but even so maybe the price difference is not so huge.

Depending on what you use for your editing, see if your software has a “high pass filter” or a “low cut filter”. Add it to your audio signal and set the frequency to around 80Hz (maybe try 100Hz or 120Hz to see what works for you).

For your microphone, you don’t need anything special. Get something decent but don’t go overboard if price is an issue. You can perhaps get a pop filter if you need one (it’s just a shield to stop your p-sounds from causing a pop).

I wanted to connect it directly to my iPad pro and my plan is to talk while doing the lecture video. So I don’t plan on editing each lecture video and damp out the noise signal.

I’m interested in learning about this more, too. I’d like to try creating some videos not sure where to start.

This doesn’t really answer your question, but may be interesting for you - the writer, Jason Snell, is trying to move more of his podcasting over to iOS and an iPad. He’s got a bunch of articles about that, but this one seems to have the most discussion of microphones: