Noise in New Taipei City!

You need double sets of windows in a lot of areas.

For people renovating apartments?

Do they give you a fruit basket or something?

Not much use when you open the window.

I nominate this for classic thread. Taiwan is noisy.


And the ten million threads on this topic beforehand.


My last 5 years in Taiwan were with ear plugs most of the day.
Even the noise on the MRT is deafening.

Luckily for me, 20 years of playing rock 'n roll has rendered me mostly deaf.


Dude i live here. I know what i am talking about. Danshui has less rain than Taipei.

I think the noise is just part of the cost of living here – all places have their pros and cons.

Although I’ve mostly come to accept the traffic noise (I bought a white noise machine which mostly cancels out the loud scooter or two during the night), I still struggle with the once-a-year month-long apartment renovations (I work at home). Every place I’ve lived has had it, so I think it’s just an inescapable part of living here.

Last year I legitimately thought I was going to snap after they decided to jackhammer down the abandoned school across the street which was about 2 months long of 10-hour day, 7 days a week, ground shaking jack hammering.

On the plus-side, I very rarely hear my neighbors through the concrete walls, which was definitely not-true living in the states.

I do miss being able to “be alone” though like I could in the midwest – whether that’s walking a secluded trail at night, or cruising down a back country road. Even heading up for a mountain hike you’ll never really be “alone” in Taiwan, there are just too many people to get that same feeling.


Lately you have a lot shit heads driving (racing) late at night with non-stock loud exhausts. They go from loud scooter to loud car.

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… that you know of …

Try a real high-rise. If you live on the 20th floor, then street noise should be rather remote.

Noise travels up the building for some reason, 14th floor the noise is the same as street level.

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Your particular unit or building may have real windows. You know double pane sealed.

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That’s your first problem. :wink:

Unless I’m in Hualien or someplace very clean, windows remain closed, dehumidifier and air purifiers running 24/7.

At least they have noise cameras now.

Yeah, but you might need to wait 5 minutes for the elevator.

I hated ‘noise’ on the TV many years ago.

Cuz I’ve been cooking for hours and sitting down and spending two minutes in Excel was somehow appealing to me …

Taipei accumulated rainfall, 2020 to date: 1536mm.
Danshui: 1275mm.
Data here:

So, yeah, Danshui has less rain so far this year.

I’m sure @Marco and I are in agreement that Danshui’s “wet and cold” weather is unjustly maligned. Sure, sometimes I’ve gone from rainy Danshui to dry Taipei - but plenty of times it’s been the other way around.


I always thought of it as the ultimate race war.