Noise in New Taipei City!

I haven’t lived in Danshui, but it is probably related to the seasonal winds. Makes it seem much colder and drearier than it really is.

I don’t even think it seems that way. It’s just “famous” for that, in the same way that westerners are famous for not liking spicy food or being unable to use chopsticks. What everyone’s been told for years is often nonsense.

This ain’t noisy. Have you ever been to India?

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Wind chill is scientifically verifiable as a perception (although actual skin temperature doesn’t drop below the actual temperature) and the seasonal winds are a reality.

I have homes in Taoyuan and I can definitely say that they’re is a huge difference in perception between Taoyuan and Taipei in the fall and winter. And it rains a lot less in my homes next to the ocean as @Marco said.

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Taoyuan feels much better in the cold season?

No. It feels a lot cooler than Taipei because the wind is always super strong, at least near the ocean.

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Lived in Pune for a year.

the thing is, when the North East seasonal wind blows (starts blowing after mid autumn festival), Danshui is right at the front of this wind. If you go further north than Danshui, say towards Baishawan beach, it gets colder even if the temperature is the same and there is no rain. That is basically the first place in Taiwan that encounters the seasonal wind.

So it can feel colder.

Yep, just looked at the official cwb data for Tamsui vs Taipei for today and the next 3 days. Taipei in actual temperature is only 0.3-0.5 degrees higher on average (high/low), but in what they call “apparent” temperature (including wind chill effect) the difference is a quite staggering 2-3 degrees (high/low)

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Yes, for example 20C can be quite comfortable, even if a little warm without wind, and sunny day.

Add in a 10mph wind, and that 20c feels a LOT colder.

Now add in some light drizzle, but the kind of drizzle that can’t be blocked by an umbrella, and now it feels even colder.

As usual starts as one topic ends as another .


Is wind noisy or soothing?
I vote for soothing.

I really could not have anticipated how noisy scooters at night can be. :neutral_face::gun:

White noise/rain music through a speaker definitely helps mitigate the issue, but still does not feel like enough! Wish I had better insulated windows…


Anytime, doze at midnight umm nice, 1am scooter, go back to doze 1.30am scooter all morning every 30 minutes that takes some real getting used to. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
I don’t miss it but I miss Taiwan.

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…any experience with noise cancelling earbuds ? I’ve noticed some advertised on the MRT by Yamaha, also seen some by Jabra - both respected brands, but do they make an appreciable difference in the commuting environment here?

Are you in Taiwan?

For low monotonous sounds it helps. That’s what noise canceling is good at, but for all the other sounds you need that real barrier between you and the outside world that only over ear headphones offer.
MPOW H19 is a good budget choice IMO.

How about the IEMs which are moulded to your individual ears? They originate from stage performing artists for reasons of wanting to create their own listening environment, although I suppose in that case there is very little “odd” noise even if other musicians do leak through… Maybe worth investing …any experiences?

No idea, sorry.

Those Apple earbuds already do pretty good job at drowning out noise, especially with music playing. They aren’t expensive.

If you need something better then noise cancelling earphone is where it’s at.

Honestly if you are walking around, jogging, etc. I would not want too much noise filtering. Otherwise you will never hear that taxi cab who just ran a red light coming… until it’s too late.