Noisey neighbors late night

I took a quick look at the FAQs and didn’t see a phone number for lodging complaints about noisy neighbors, or simply noise after hours, which I think is 9 pm or 11 pm?

Either way, before you criticize my lack of knowledge or ask about my complaint, could you please supply a number for English speakers to lodge formal complaints for this kind of thing?

It will probably go nowhere but try I must, then at least I gave it a shot. :discodance:

What’s the nature of the noise? Loud parties at 2am? Video game playing amped up over a stereo system? Construction work at midnight? Or just walking around loudly at 11pm?

Cops are pretty good at coming and dealing with it
Speak Chinese to them. If you can’t, learn how to state nature of problem and your address in Chinese

if you’re in an apartment building with a guard, complain to the guard…
I’d say 9pm would be a bit early but 11pm seems reasonable.

Cheers for the answers.

Okay so exactly what is it that is pissing me off?

For some reason, the new library across from my apartment building added a whistle boy. The guard at the library now has a whistle and blows this thing constantly, even late in the evening.

Why do they have a guy with a whistle in a pedestrian only area? Good question. But it is not necessary and this guy goes to town on the thing all the time.

I couldn’t understand why I was suddenly hearing a whistle all the time so I looked around and there he was! Directing pedestrian traffic and heaven knows what else by blowing the whistle…even late at night around 11 pm or later.

So I will do what I can do put a stop to this. Hopefully, because it is a new thing, there can be a compromise of some sort but I doubt it. He probably is not aware of the apartments within whistle range but who knows?