Nokia 3310 2G

(post diclaimer - I’m a phone luddite)

I’m thinking of getting one of these for my daughter. The spec says “2G network connectivity. Features bluetooth 3.0 with slam and operating system of nokia series 30 plus”.

Will it work once I’m back in Taiwan? I’m not sure if the 2G network still exists. If it doesn’t, could this 2G phone connect to 3G/4G and still work?


No. 2G networks have been shut down.

The 2017 edition has 3G and 4G and will connect. Original will not.

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Pretty sure Taiwan phased out 2G at the beginning of 2018 and 3G at the beginning of this year.

3G is still online. They’re not giving out new 3G licences but 4G sim cards will happily fall back onto 3G.

Gee, that’s one lucky daughter. :rofl:

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There are hundreds of smartphones that will work and don’t cost an arm and a leg either. I even get discounts on some of them.

you big teaser…
like me, Nuit’s trying to restrict outsiders from arbitrarily contacting his child. Might even be just an emergency phone.

Get her the kinda awesome but ridiculously overpriced Light Phone 2:

It also have 3g model

You can’t find the 2G version of that phone in Taiwan anymore - at least you couldn’t a few months ago when I was looking at it. It’s a good phone - there aren’t a lot of dumb phones out on the market but what they have are good - I picked up a backup a few months back.

And there might be no phone at all :no_mouth:. But she’s pushing for it. Hard to deny her contact with friends.

Initially interesting. Not seen price though. Have you seen one in the flesh?

You can buy a wide variety of refurbished unlocked “dumb” phones on Ebay or Aliexpress for reasonable prices. I have bought several.

@Nuit 's daughter is going to be the coolest kid on the block. I’d kill for an indestructible phone right now.

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Thanks - could you give me some model names?

I got a Nokia C2, works very well. For something bigger with a nice camera Nokia N8, it has a 12MP camera with a Zeiss lens.

Don’t do it. Cellphones screw kids up.

I’ve done well so far, and I do see what happens around me, with the addicted youth. But she’s a teenager now, only a few years away from making all those real-world choices by herself. Denying her a dumb phone at this point seems vindictive and isolating.


I’d recommend a Nokia N8, looks like a small smartphone so her friends will think it’s one but not really usable as one, since it still runs Symbian OS, has a great camera for pics and selfies.


Thanks, will check out the N8.

Amazon Prime UK had the 3310 at a great price, but it’s only the 2G version. That was the urgency, if there ever was any. I’m sure she can stay phone-free for a few more months.