Non-English teaching jobs for foreigners?

From what I’ve seen on jobsearch websites teaching english seems by far the most common job for foreigners. Are their any other industries or types of jobs that foreigners can get into If they have decent chinese?

Thank you

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Taiwan has a large semiconductor industry. Sometimes they look for foreigners for international sales.


The legal requirements to foreigners working in Taiwan might give some idea of what industries or types of jobs that foreigners can get into.

There is a Facebook group with over 24k members called Non teaching jobs in Taiwan. I think that would be a good place for you to start, I can send you the invite link if you’re interested.

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You could try elderly care, I’ve seen a lot of foreigners do that.


It’s probably the most commonly advertised in Taiwan for English speakers, but most foreigners work in industry or as domestic helpers,
Another common job is editor. That and any other job requires technical skill, work experience, or other qualification. To work in semiconductors, for example, you’d likely have to either be in engineer, programmer, or a copywriter. There are dozens of other job openings, mostly in tech.

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