Non-Sexual...hotel delivery massage

I am an airline pilot. I have experience with Japan, Korea, and the Philippines but only recently started flying to Taiwan. We typically layover for only 12 to 16 hours after a long flight so the only thing possible is a good eat, sleep, and in-room massage. In other Asian destinations, it is easy to make a phone call and have a massage in your hotel room within 30 minutes…24hrs a day at a reasonable price. I have done multiple google searches for this in Taiwan but only come up with stuff that looks like prostitution. Does anyone have a lead on a non-sexual hotel delivery massage service that provides service to Novotel Hotel at TPE Taoyuan Airport between 8am-10am? Novotel has a massage spa but they open at 12noon and charge 3000 Taiwanese an hour. I need to be asleep by 11am and the Novotel price is astronomical. Thank you!

A massage without a happy ending, is like a day without sunshine!!!

I am lucky enough to receive ample “sunshine” without paying for it. I just want a good massage at Novotel in the morning. Thanks for commenting though…

Have you had a Chinese style massage? It’s not relaxing, and the best part is when they finish. I’ve only been able to get masseuse to come to my place after I have visited the massage shop first and those are Thai.

A good Thai massage will be about $1500 in Taipei. I don’t have any leads but some suggestions. Ask the masseuse at the Novotel if they will provide separate service and odd hours in your room. They have done it for me at other locations in Taiwan. Or check some of the nearest hotels, which aren’t really near.

Ken, no one is gonna take a taxi to the Novotel. It’s too far - too expensive.
Best idea might still be an add on Craigslist. Not a lot of chance though

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Thank you for the suggestions. I will vary my routine on the next trip and try taking a taxi to the nearest Thai place I found on Google…SA Wad Dee Ka Thai`S Massages Villa ‎No. 149, Yǒng’ān Road, Taoyuan City, Taoyuan County, Taiwan 330. Google maps says it is about 20 minutes away.

Yea, that is probably your best option. Keep two or three places on hand in case one happens to be closed. Places in Taiwan occasionally close for the day for no reason with no notice.