Non Smoking Billiards Recommendations

I am an amateur pool player and looking for a relatively serious place to practice in Taipei. Most places here have indoor smoking or smell awful and that messes up my allergies.

P.S: If you’re also a serious pool/snooker player and looking for a partner to practice with, send me a message

Interested as well. However, to be honest, this game attracts smokers like bars and brothels…so good luck.

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Technically it’s illegal to smoke in pool halls. I’ve yet to find one where this is observed. Some of the halls in Taipei might have to follow the law. Where are you looking to play?

You know some new apartment have pool tables as amenities. Maybe that’s the best way to go about it?

bowling alleys…the few that are left, should have a few billiards tables.

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Those tables are usually shite. But better than nothing I guess.

You know some apartments have bowling alleys, but they are NEVER EVER open, like swimming pools.

I live in Wanhua district, and I’ve been to couple of places in Ximen but those are frequented by smokers and some “bad boys” as some people call it. I am looking for a more serious environment for people who want to improve and compete in tournaments etc. I’m okay with paying a premium, or joining some sort of billiard club to get such a professional environment

I went to E7Play in Sanchong which is one of the highest rated here, but unfortunately a little out of the way. The billiard tables there are also quite average.

The above place is strictly no smoking. As in that’s it’s unique selling point.


You’ve got a better chance in Taipei. I play in the Taoyuan/Zhongli area and you have 0.0% chance of finding a smoke free pool hall here.

Our USP is we don’t break the law.

I think I’ve played there before.

I’m trying to find some people who are interested in playing pool on a weekly basis. Please message me if you’re interested!

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I’d be interested in playing pool. I went to a hall near guting a few years ago, not too smoky. I will check if it’s still there

Still looking to shoot some pool?

I used to play for a few hours each week, but that was like 5 years ago