Normal Service vs Alternative Service as a foreign return

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Yay a fellow alternative service buddy.

This is what’s been going on in Taiwan regarding military service: … 9&t=122231

Here is another guy who has some questions, with some comments from hansioux (who has done all this before) … 5&t=122268

This was a story a while back about some kid who made a huge fuss about service. Claiming that he would rather go to jail than back to camp: … 5&t=119303

My own thread some time ago, with some links from dan about poagao (he served a while back but it helps getting to know his story) … 6&t=118146

Someone who’s done it all gave us a Q&A session. Albeit very briefly (might bump that up)
Edit: … 15&t=93950

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thanks, I took a look at all those posts but it doesn’t exactly answer my question :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes its true in some cases. But don’t worry about it, being in alternative service means you’re just going to work anyways.

Why the rush. I advise you to do the alternative service. Normal service is a different ball game.

I don’t know what other advice you want :ponder: Is your heart set on doing the normal service? Then that’s a different ball game. Just bank on your health issues being severe enough to warrant being in the alternative service then.

I also heard that your flat feet needs to be extreme. Like a duck :smiley:
Hypertension is manageable too so a bit dodgy.

It all depends on how you play it in front of the doctor i guess. And also depends on whether he’s in a good mood/sympathetic

Short Answer: Alternative Service

If you qualify for Research Alternative Service, consider doing that. But it’s 3 years tied to a company you might hate. However, at the same time you should get normal pay (if you qualify for Research Alternative Service, I’d say you should get higher than 40,000 per month)

else just alternative service. try to get one in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where you can go to other country and teach English or Chinese. Or if you are qualified, you can even practise medicine for the poor. Anyway, don’t do police and other silly things. If you like the out doors, there are alternative service where you will sit in some wooden shack somewhere in the national parks, waiting for hikers to come so you can put a stamp on their permits. It might sound boring, but again, if you are into the outdoors, you get to stare at beautiful scenery and there’s wifi in the shack.

I personally would have liked to have military experience, but here’s what any sane person would want from a military experience. Discipline, honor, and military trainning.

But this is what you really learn in Taiwanese military, tolerate higher ups abusing their power, a lot of cleaning the environment while it looks just as dirty as before, and pretend there’s a machine gun while shouting “thud thud thud thud thud” with your mouth, because you don’t get to use real amo. That’s coming from people I know who really want to join the military, opted out from research alternative service, and spent a full year in Kimmen (Jing Men). You only get a couple of times shooting rifles with real amo at the range, because amo is expensive.