North Korea Holiday Info-Tried?

North Korea Holiday Info-Tried?

I noticed a travel advertisements for North Korea. Just wondering has anybody tried it? I didn’t even know Taiwanese traveling in North Korea that much. The advertisement was located in the Hsinyi Fishing MRT station.

① no terrorist threat of IS
(2) do not worry about terrorist bomb attacks
③ no area of ​​the earthquake
④ no security pickpockets and other related issues

9 月 28 日 8 days to reach the mission, the international train into the plane out of the train
October reach the regiment, the day of the NORTH KOREA eight days and nights with the same in North Korea on September

Flying Leopard travel the safest place / Showtime Travel Agency, North Korea over the past 14 years operating experience

I may as well sit in my living room lol. I’d move if I was that worried about earthquakes.

I don’t think many Taiwanese people travel to NK but some do. I know one that did it and there are quite a few bloggers that shared pictures and stuff on their sites.

That advertisement is dumb af though.

Is there internet in NK?

I wouldn’t have thought so, and certainly not for tourists.

The TV tour shows say they are occasionally escorted to a private room with computers and internet that is only intermittent with many blocked sites.

As a US citizen, I know I would never go there:

At least 14 U.S. citizens have been detained in North Korea in the past ten years. North Korean authorities have detained those who traveled independently and those who were part of organized tours. Being a member of a group tour or using a tour guide will not prevent North Korean authorities from detaining or arresting you. Efforts by private tour operators to prevent or resolve past detentions of U.S. citizens in the DPRK have not been successful.

And I’m not sure I would recommend others to go there. There’s the safety issue and you know all money made from tourism is going to that crappy regime.


agree. the tour trips are full of set up bullshit anyway. why bother!

Now that is a place I have not yet visited!


Try fishing for it.

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I went there in 2012 with Koryo Tours, a British-run company based in Beijing. (I’d much rather go with Koryo Tours than some no-name Taiwanese outfit.)

Freakiest vacation ever. Yes, they show you what they want you to see, but that’s all part of the bizarre experience. Plus they can’t hide everything. You do see through the cracks in their propaganda apparatus.

You won’t be detained unless you do something supremely stupid.

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Impressions I’ve heard from mainlanders are (younger) it’s boring, and (older) it’s like a trip down memory lane. I guess the younger ones don’t know what they’re missing.

It’s been claimed that if you’re not willing to bow to the statues of the late Great Leaders, you’re not welcome.

At least one of the companies in Beijing expects you to tip people along the way.

The place is a trip. I remember my guide saying “We don’t believe in God, but we believe Kim Il Sung was sent to us by God.”

hey Chris, could you elaborate a bit about your visit there?

I’ve been wanting to travel to NK for about ten years but every time I think they want a lot of money for seeing things that I probably saw ten times already in the pictures.

So what REALLy can you experience there that you wouldn’t see in the aforementioned pictures and what really shocked you, surprised you etc.

I don’t even know what to ask, the place seems so bizzarre.

I’d love to visit the DMZ. I always heard of the conference room straddles the border and the line goes right through the center of the table. I heard that NK officials would whack anyone’s hand who strays across the border.
I wonder if they must have two cleaning ladies in that village.

Had anyone ever had the balls to visit NK here? To be fair, I bet the mountains are really nice there. NK is known to have beautiful mountain ranges.

They’re only going to get niche tourists. You have to fly to China and then take a train to Pyongyang. It’s a dinner party bragging rights tourist destination.

A guy I work with visited and said the beer was fantastic.


A socialist dinner party maybe. People that brag about visiting North Korea or Cuba are propping up some nasty regimes. I usually then talk about my fondness for visiting Chile in the late 70s and early 1980s.


I didn’t have you down as that old.