NOT just show, Beetlenut girls Do get molested!

Its not just looks that attract. They do get molested. Now is it a social problem or not?
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How is it molested if she is a willing participant. And how is it a social problem if it is occurring between two adults?

Social problems don’t occur between adults?

Part A, I agree. Part B, it may be a social problem because she being felt up for money on a public street. Get a room.

She doesn’t seem to object. So possibly she was paid a little extra for the bloke to cop a feel?

So rather than molestation i would suggest it’s prostitution.

Her top was in the car. I wouldn’t call that on the street. Prostitution is a) sex- which that was not and b) legal here. So I don’t really see how it is anyone’s business.

I always thought it was well known that you can pay to touch their boobies…more for their thigh etc. It MAY be molestation because ‘indecent sexual advances’ (dictionary definition) are made…but , that is what she does for a living!