Not sure where to apply... Other jobs for an English teacher with two years experience?


Hi everyone,

I’m a New Zealand-trained secondary school English teacher. I’ve lived in NZ ever since I was four, when my family moved here from mainland China. I would like to teach English or Humanities in Taiwan. I have a BA/LLB from the University of Auckland and did my PGDip in Secondary Teaching there too. I also have a TEFL certificate. My main reason for wanting to move to Taiwan is to improve my Mandarin, immerse myself in the culture and learn about my heritage. A decent salary would be nice, but I’d rather have more time to see Taiwan and the rest of Asia. Would I be better off working in a public school or a private one? Should I apply at universities or is that just a waste of time, given that I do not have a Masters or PhD? Does anyone know of schools that won’t discriminate on the basis of my non-Western appearance? I am would also consider working for an NGO or an organisation where I could make use of my other skills/interests in the writing, digital marketing, law and research.

Many thanks in advance for your time! :slight_smile:



one thing to be confirmed. you have a passport of New Zealand, right?



Yes, I sure do :slight_smile:



Also, I was wondering how bad the earthquakes are… I am quite anxious about them. It’s the main reason I’d prefer to work in Taipei, as I hear more buildings are reinforced there? I wouldn’t mind living in a smaller city/being closer to the mountains though - I enjoy hiking :slight_smile:



Potentially deadly. Not as deadly as typhoons, though. Icon should be able to give you the low-down.

Work-wise, if you’re a qualified teacher with teaching experience you should be applying for international schools before leaving NZ. Universities are a no go without a post grad degree.

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Most international/american type schools do not discriminate if you’re qualified. My school has several teachers from Asian backgrounds. If you are a state qualified teacher with a BEd, you will have no problem finding a job.

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Welcome. You should be able to find a job at a buxiban chain. Consult here for the ones you should avoid.

Public or private school job is a bit harder, but possible. You won’t get a uni job without at least a Masters, sorry.



I’ve thought schools are desperately wanting licensed teachers. aren’t they?

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Still is a bit harder than landing a buxiban job, I’d imagine. But like I said, definitely possible.

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As long as you have a New Zealand passport and a teacher’s license, you can work in a public school! If you prefer you can work directly with the MOE to find a placement, but Teach Taiwan is a helpful agency too–free, walks you through the process, provides ongoing support if you need it. Let me know if you’d like more info, @roguearrows. Here’s their facebook:



i can give you a buxiban contact that will hire you if you have a pulse. pm me



Thanks for the advice! Excuse my ignorance, but what do you mean by “Icon”?



Awesome. Thanks for the insight!



Thanks! Appreciate the link to the blacklist!



Ooh, cheers for this - I actually just got in touch with Teach Taiwan earlier today :slight_smile: Thanks for the advice!

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Thank you for that very attractive offer :stuck_out_tongue: Let me think about it!



Icon is the user name of a poster here.



Ahhh, gotcha!