Not yearly online English

You were clearly asked about the reasons why you think the number of teachers has gone down. I also misinterpreted the question, but I was drunk.

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Probably that doesn’t mean much anyway, but my mother tongue is not Spanish. It’s a strange dialect of Russian with influence of English and Njerep of which I’m one of the few Masalas who still speak it. It’s hard, it makes me feel so lonely.

That explains a lot. :grin:

There’s a language in some central American country that only has two remaining native speakers. Linguists want to record it for posterity, but unfortunately the two remaining native speakers hate each other and are on no speaking terms.

EDIT: Here it is


Nah, don’t believe those stories Biggus. @icon and @nguoiphanxu get along very well.

Today, I’m gonna ask you about the usage of :banana: in English.

Is it common to use :banana: to replace “fuck” in English? If so, using :banana: is more polite or better than using “fuck”?

Or is it a local rule of, or just in Legal forum of

Or, is :banana: used in the same way in other languages too? (If someone knows)

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I use it because it’s the most obvious emoji we have at this point, for that purpose.

But if Maddie donates his double mouse avatar… it will be a hard choice. :ponder:

my comprehension is not good enough to understand this. Do you mean :banana: is an emoji to mean “fuck” , so, it is used in the same way in any languages?

Please, keep on preaching…to me.:grimacing:

Not quite, but banana is a euphemism for “penis” in many languages.

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So, can I use it in other forums, and is it better than “f*ck” ? I’ve seen “f*ck”, but maybe never seen :banana: in other forums.

Personally, I prefer “fuck,” or at least “fcuk.” Anything is better than the banana.

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Fuck the :banana:

I get the feeling yyy has a Hello Kitty lunchbox and Doraemon stickers on his fridge.

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Is that what you were doing in Bangkok?

I tried, god knows I tried, but it’s not as easy as it sounds.

At least it’s a smoother ride than the pineapple or durian. :grin:

My comprehension is not good enough to understand this conversation. Do you mean bear was f*cking the banana in Bangkok?

Cow…your customer

I think he’d better answer this one himself. I don’t want to assume his preferred tropical fruit.

I plead the fifth banana.