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I forgot what exactly was like my original thread, but this is a thread im gonna ask some question on English for free.

I thought I was asked the reason I think the amount of teachers has gone down. But, actually, I was asked my thought on the reason for the decline of teachers number.

Is it a usual way to express the later interpretation? I hope this question make a sense.


Are you onto something? you used to write better… are you just teasing me?


thanks for your corrections.

The blind leading the blind… :sunglasses:

Yes, it’s pretty clear.

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I’m not the best person here for helping you with this, but seriously, you used to write much better than what I’m reading you these days… too many things at the same time?

Yeah, well, that’s what I was telling her. Since I left Kiribati and I only use English here in Forumosa it is deteriorating really fast.

partly it might be because im positing by my tablet these days. It is hard to edit before I post something. And I picked up some wrong ways here.

I think he was originally asking why you thought that it was going down instead of up, because after the question he says he thought English was becoming more popular (or something like that). Afterwards he points out that your statistics doesn’t explain the reason for that, but IMO the way he expressed himself makes you think that he’s questioning your statement.

But your grammar is worse. The order of the words, and the words choice. You have to read more books and less Forumosa.

EDIT: I don’t want to be harsh or something, I’m genuinely surprised / curious about it.

If it happened, it might be because I previously checked my grammar, wording, etc before I made a post. These days I dont do that in most cases. Im not sure the term “wording” is correct.

You can use wording, and I guess it means what you thought :stuck_out_tongue:

This reminds me that a few months ago I found myself doing lots, and I mean lots, of errors. Usually I’m doing several things at once and sometimes I start my phrases in one way and then change words or expressions here and there… and forget to apply all the necessary changes… which makes me look (sound) dumber. That would explain most of my typos and mistakes, but still there’s room for improvement :slight_smile:

Learning is in certain degree mimicking, so depending on what (and who!) you read and listen, you will speak and write in one or another way. I even got some Italian American accent while I was watching The Soprano (well, this happened partially because I found it funny haha).

I think I’ll stay on the bench for this one. :popcorn:

Your English is much better than my Spanish.

You were clearly asked about the reasons why you think the number of teachers has gone down. I also misinterpreted the question, but I was drunk.

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Probably that doesn’t mean much anyway, but my mother tongue is not Spanish. It’s a strange dialect of Russian with influence of English and Njerep of which I’m one of the few Masalas who still speak it. It’s hard, it makes me feel so lonely.

That explains a lot. :grin:

There’s a language in some central American country that only has two remaining native speakers. Linguists want to record it for posterity, but unfortunately the two remaining native speakers hate each other and are on no speaking terms.

EDIT: Here it is


Nah, don’t believe those stories Biggus. @icon and @nguoiphanxu get along very well.

Today, I’m gonna ask you about the usage of :banana: in English.

Is it common to use :banana: to replace “fuck” in English? If so, using :banana: is more polite or better than using “fuck”?

Or is it a local rule of, or just in Legal forum of

Or, is :banana: used in the same way in other languages too? (If someone knows)

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I use it because it’s the most obvious emoji we have at this point, for that purpose.

But if Maddie donates his double mouse avatar… it will be a hard choice. :ponder: