Notarized diploma - URGENT

So, I’ve purchased my flight to Taiwan and will be arriving in January. My plan was originally to enter visa exempt (I’m Canadian) and to find work once in country. Among the information forwarded to me by my travel planner was the claim that it is necessary to bring one’s original diploma in order to apply for an ARC, and that the diploma must be notarized prior to leaving by a TECO. I had never read anything of the sort before.

As is typical of the advice on Forumosa, I’ve found threads that contradict one another completely. These two threads claim that this is unavoidable: … 7&t=113792

So, my two questions are: 1. How many other Forumosans have found legal English teaching work without having their diplomas notarized? 2. If I simply go to the local TECO and ask them to notarize my diplomas, a) will they do so without questioning? and b) will this somehow create problems for me when I try to enter Taiwan visa exempt?

Thanks in advance, everybody.

Although I am the same poster in your last link, here’s my answers:

  1. Never notarized for work (i.e., getting a work permit), although I have notarized it for study at a University.

  2. a) Yes, no problems. On the form, you could just write that it was for a University application so there will be no questions about working, work permits, or resident visas. b) No. Unless you show them your notarized diploma and brag about how you’re going to find a job to the immigration officer. Barring that, you should be fine.

I wouldn’t bother, but then again I’ve already gone through the process of getting a work permit half a dozen times so it’s not a big deal. Since its your first time and you’re unsure, you could go get it notarized. It really won’t make any difference though… up to you.