Notary Public - English - in Ching Shui

Can someone help me find a notary public in the Ching Shui
or surrounding area, running out of time and need a document
notarized and sent back to the u.s. thankyou

Where is Ching Shui?

AFAIK (could be wrong) you need to go to AIT to get notarization done, and it’s fiendishly expensive.

The other option you could try would be to go through a Taiwanese notary that has a certification as an English-speaking notary. If I recall, you have to get the list of these people from the county court. I remember having had to track down a Spanish-speaking Taiwanese notary before, and it was a nightmare. There were a fair number of English speaking ones (in theory!) though, so you might have better luck.

Try the Chingshui town/village/whatever government offices for a start. They should be able to tell you where to head.

thanks, Ching Shui is near Taichung, about 30 minutes drive,

I was told to try the local Courts, have you had luck at the
courts or town, I only have less then 7 days to find a notary
that can notarize in English for me so I can send document to
the states. thanks for your help