Notary Public Taoyuan/Hsinchu...?

There are notarial services available at AIT, but that means an appointment to get to the notary public - 4+ weeks from now.

My requirement is that the notary is authorized/licensed in the US. Is there anyplace I can get a notary public Now, or soon?

your local courthouse, note that this will be in Chinese (I.e. the document they issue is in Chinese, you might have to translate it later) and if you need it for overseas use you will have to get the document stamped by MOFA as well.

I’ve used these notary services before on short notice.

oops - sorry folks…

I edited my post: a notary public for U.S authentication - has to be a N.P. authorized in the U.S

I’m calling that done! Thanks

Recently I found a English-speaking notary public.
It also provide legal service.