Notebook - Touchpad Problems

Hey guys, for a long time I was getting quite annoyed at my notebook (laptop). When I plugged in the USB mouse, the touchpad would remain active, essentially giving me two mice. I don’t like the touchpad so much as I tend to knock it occasionally when I’m typing.

But of course, there are times when the touchpad is more convenient - in a car for example, where there’s no surface for a proper mouse~

Time goes on, and 2 days ago, I noticed that the touchpad wasn’t working. “Great!” I think, “Finally the computer recognizes the USB mouse and disconnects the touchpad.” Didn’t make anything of it.

Then, last night, the notebook was booting up, and I was idly moving the cursor with the touchpad - yup, normal. But when Windows loaded up further, it disconnected the touchpad again. This time with no mouse in the USB port~

I haven’t been going through the computer and mucking with any settings. I haven’t installed any new software, nor any new hardware~

What’s up?

I had this problem before.

Even though you haven’t changed any setting, sometimes the system goes wry when it must switch touchpad and mouse back and forth.

The way I dealt with it was to go to mouse setting and switch on both touchpad and mouse connection.

Keep them on, it is the simplest way.

Thanks, I ended up asking my sis-in-laws boyfriend to give me a hand. We went through the settings and couldn’t find anything. We did find a check-box though for “disable if external mouse added”, which we selected - and now it seems to be working fine~

So no idea what happened~

Thanks for the help though~