Notice period, business days or regular days (inc week end)?


Question regarding the resignation notice in TW,

I have worked in a company for 9 months and plan to resign soon, I owe my employer 10 days’ notice, but the law does not specify if those 10 days are regular days (includes weekends/holidays) or business worked days (Mon-Fri).

If I leave before the Chinese New Year, does the CNY holiday count towards the 10 days?

Has anyone experience or advice to share on this?

PS: I don’t have any holidays left to take


I forgot to mention that my contract is a one-page sheet with no mention of rules for resignation, I’m only bound by what the law.

I’ve always given 10 days of notice (not business days) and I’ve never had anyone refuse that.

It’s just 10 days from the date you resign.

I understand, thank you for your help!