Notification from Taiwanese bank - Common Reporting Standard

I recently (December 24, 2020) received a letter from my Taiwanese bank requesting information on my tax residency status for the purpose of information sharing with other tax jurisdictions. Is this something that all holders of Taiwanese bank accounts are receiving?

What was annoying was that the deadline for providing your information to the bank was just days after the letter was sent out (after which the bank itself would automatically report your account to the authorities). “Anything else we’ve forgotten to do this year? Oh, yeah. Those pesky CRS letters! Quick. Send out 'em all out now!”

Does anyone know a good tax consultant or lawyer with familiarity with this issue, especially one with some knowledge of Australian tax residency laws?

Normal. New account holders will provide CRS info on opening an account these days, existing account holders are progressively followed up with.

You’ll need to give them your Aussie TFN.

Disregard. You are an Australian resident.

Normal. Too many people dodging taxes thinking they can send payments to accounts abroad.

Unless your net worth is in the millions (of USD) I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

The information collected will only be kept in record and provided to the domestic tax authorities, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), or third-party to process and utilize for the above-mentioned purposes within the duration in accordance with statutory requirement.