Novel coronavirus cases reignite SARS fears - the epidemic mess foretold

I was in Rome on the day Pope John Paul died. Actually there were loads of paparatzi waiting with cameras all over the Vatican, he was ill. And then we are eating our pizza and a stereotypical super mario bros style chef arrives into the restaurant and declares that he has dolroso news. Il papa e morto!

I recon the current guy is safe as houses though

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To be fair, he does like to try to take credit for any good thing that happens to happen in the country, and also blame the democrats for any bad thing that occurs.

I’m very sceptical of how much influence one guy “at the top” of a large country or organization can have (or how much blame they should be given), but that does seem to be the trend society has gone for.

A case in point would him repeatedly claiming personal responsibility every time the stock market goes up, then blaming the democratic debate this week when it went down (2 days before the debate). There’s some real faulty logic there…


True, and he is quite a character.

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I am, too, but in the US the buck absolutely stops on Trump’s desk. It’s perfectly fair to judge him based on this all turns out (but only in the USA) (I can’t believe I have to say that, but we live in strange times …).

Trump will stand in judgment of US voters this November.

Would be a luxury if we would judge after events, and not before, but as mentioned we live in strange times …


It appears the capo di tutti capi has an experienced consigliere:


Okay, so that’s a good step.

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German government refuses to do anything. They are :banana:

Everything sold out, only the Chinese Vegetable Hotpot is untouched :rofl:


Wuhan Special!


Very probable that this graphic picture is more complete and accurate than any other countries.

I am so happy to be in Taiwan right now.


Depending how things go, this quote will either age well or very, very poorly. Let’s hope for the former.

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Indiana has been chronically underfunded in terms of public health for decades (and is routinely 49th out of 50 in that metric). Buttigieg would have done no better than Pence, and the former bungled his time as mayor in South Bend with the police chief firing.

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Not really; prospect of a communist winning will send the market into a tailspin, same with coronavirus.

Looks like TDS is the real global pandemic to watch.


Yep. Only similarity is that both must be undertaken for 14 days.

Again, we do not know what she was told. I go for she is afraid to fly.

Small cans dear. Like hairspray size. Good heaven’s man!

The stove is like the ones you use for huo guo/hot pot at home. We had one in our previous apartment for that purpose. Sort of safe.

Camping stoves are too flimsy, IMHO. I have used them at the beach…no more, I stick with sandwiches and Thermos coffee.

I got rid of gas because of so many stories about leaks. And landlord wouldn’t allow me to hook up to a gas main. I said I’ll pay the charges. She claimed it was not safe. So no more gas. Electric hot plate is working fine.

Meaning everything they find out, every report, has to go through Pence and co. before sharing with anyone. That has many tails tingling.

There was this guy on the US news, holding his toddler, just released from quarantine. He couldn’t stop coughing…yet shared his water with his kid on air. I have questions…


In reference to coughing, earlier in the thread:

Edited to add: Whoa, I see @DrewC, in the post immediately above, beat me to it:

I counted three coughs in the clip, but I don’t think the clip covered the entire interview.

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