Novel coronavirus cases reignite SARS fears - the epidemic mess foretold

Original title: Told ya so

If it is not this one, it will be one soon. This is it boys and girls, brace yourselves:

The disease itself is no biggie. The hiding, the panic to cover and then the panic from covering…:runaway:


so were all gonna die?

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Nope. But hang on to your real estate.


When there’s a very minor storm headed in direction of Japan, Icon’s analysis of the situation tends to be:“The storm could turn, intensify into a category 5 and stall on Taiwan for weeks then turn around and do it again Nari 2.0. The end is nigh, folks.”

I mean, if you check the air quality index for that region I’m surprised not everyone in Hubei has some form of pneumonia or unidentified respiratory problems.


Ah my dear, China is due for SARS 3.0



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I fear in that case it is PM 5.0.

Laboratory analysis revealed 15 patients had tested positive for a previously unknown coronavirus, which had been isolated from one patient’s samples, reported Xinhua.

Xu said that more research would need to be carried out to better understand the new virus. He added that it could "take years for researchers to develop medicines and vaccines

See, Icon? It’s not Sars, it’s just an unknown variant of the same family of viruses that caused Sars. No reason to panic, everything is under control, Chinese scientists say so.


A growing number of pneumonia cases very similar to SARs have sprung up in Wuhan. How prepared do you think Taiwan is for another epidemic? What actions can individuals take to protect themselves in the event of another outbreak?

“The authorities in Wuhan, central China, said 44 people had been admitted to hospital with the unidentified virus, up from the 27 reported on Tuesday. Eleven of them were in a serious condition, while a further 121 people who had been in close contact with the infected patients had been placed under medical observation. No deaths have been reported.”

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Stock up on those nicer masks with carbon and all. Idk if that even makes a difference.

It’s not like China would ever communicate their outbreak status with Taiwan even though we have a mutual agreement to do so.



I did make an effort and search for SARS and sorted on latest post. Didn’t see yours.

They are different topics though. You are saying the panic will be worse than the epidemic, and I’m asking how prepared we are. Discuss…


The panic is what drives the markets down. In numbers, a few hundred dead, even thousands, does not seem that catastrophic, but the economic effects were devastating.

As to how prepared we are, we gotta define who is we. We the common folk, not much. Not educated enough. Not enough real valuable information. Governments this time around have a strong incentive to play it down, and the means to cover up thanks to the new media disinformation professionals. If the epidemic goes big, we are very much screwed.

What lessons were learned from SARS? Shut up, it will pass.

Oh, question is, did it?

I need to look into this.
I’m guessing it’s just a rampant flu strain.

BTW I picked up a virus two days ago and my whole body was in pain with a massive headache. The doctor doesn’t think it’s the flu .:no_mouth:

Icon, I have a spare Supernatural Special Edition, hand deliver to you is okay ?


Name time and place. I will bring salt and disinfectant.



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Since it’s unclear if this virus is SARS, I added a question mark to the title of this thread.

Please post updates. If this is SARS redux, I want to know!


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Im down with a flu type virus for last few days
SARS was deadly

A couple of recent stories about this. The Vox one has lots of links but is missing the newest information that the virus has been identified; the New York Times one may be pay-walled. Mostly seems to come down to “we’re keeping an eye on it; no reason to panic; and at least China’s sharing information this time, unlike with SARS.”

It’s related to SARS.

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