Novel coronavirus cases reignite SARS fears - the epidemic mess foretold

It’s only a matter of time before a superbug caused by mass overuse of antibiotics comes out and wrecks havoc. Maybe this is it. We’ll see how it responds to antibitoics.

If it’s a virus, doesn’t that mean antibiotics will be rather unhelpful?

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Aren’t antibiotics used against pneumonia, SARS and this virus being quite similar?
I’m probably completely wrong.

Antibiotics are used against bacteria.

There are antiviral drugs one can take against SARS infections .

SARs virus is related to viruses that cause the common cold.

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I knew that. I swear.

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there are different types of pneumonia (see link)

During the SARS outbreak people started stockpiling Anti-virals and if i remember correctly this started to cause a shortage as these had a short shelf life.

Rotavirus are a different animal, a savage, fierce animal.

Hope it is not out of bounds…

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Let’s worry about one virus at a time lol…

I know one person who went down with pneumonia in Taipei last week. Actually know them rather than read about it.

Sorry coronavirus.

I hate you HUAWEI!

Frothing at the mouth, explosive pustules, general derangement ?

Sounds like another day at the office.

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I had headache now…

Hey, don’t be so rude to the official CCP media device.


I dunno. Despite every teacher in high school telling us this, and my belief that it is common knowledge that you should only use antibiotics when it is truly NECESSARY and make sure you take the full course (7-14 days), most Taiwanese people (and doctors!) seem to think taking them for a day or two will help clear anything up.

My coworkers will talk about how they’re taking antibiotics AS A PRECAUTION when members of their family are coming down with boring colds.

I’ve been given three day supplies of antibiotics quite a few times. No note to get them refilled. Doctors rolling their eyes at me when I ask why they didn’t give me a full course.

I’m pretty sure every super bug ever discovered will come from Taiwan and its reckless handing out of antibiotics like candy. SARS feels like meh in comparison… Better start stockpiling manuka honey. At least honey lasts a few thousand years. N95 -N99 masks are already necessary if you value your lungs (and heart)

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Supposedly most of the superbugs are coming from China because of antibiotic overuse in poultry and pig farms. They have plasmid resistance there than can defeat every common antibiotic. :neutral_face:


If Korean Fish wins and gets his way with busloads of obnoxious mainland tourists ruining every site here, then those superbugs will explode here too.

Chinese farmers used new antibiotics reserved to fight super-bugs for farm animals. Those antibiotics are only allowed to be used on humans if everything else fails.



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If Korean Fish wins he’ll probably incentivize tourists from every SARS-stricken region to visit Taiwan to enjoy our sights.