Novel coronavirus cases reignite SARS fears - the epidemic mess foretold

I remember reading about some more recent studies that suggested three day courses were enough

It’s starting to spread and jumps from human to human. Soon airplane tickets will be cheap.

Second death acknowledged in China.

First case identified in Japan.

New Year Travel Hajj about to start… things will get interesting indeed.

We now have a highly lethal and potentially problematic pig virus, with no known vaccine, rampant in China. Them Chinese authorities are also very happy to proclaim that the new respiratory virus, let’s call him SARS cousin, is jumping from something in a SEAFOOD market to humans,and they claim this is good. Now, if SARS cousin starts jumping from human to human, or worse, mixes up with the swine flu pest from all the half cooked sausages and meat of dubious provenance consumed on CNY… fun fun times ahead.


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Look guys, flu kills thousands of people every year. I don’t see any reason to worry about this new coronavirus…Yet.


I’m not worried yet. If a handful of cases appear in Taiwan, then I’ll worry a bit.

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It would be the second time around…that we know of. Have the governments learned anything from last time? I don’t think so, but I am sure new mistakes will be added for variety.

How much plague the economy can handle will be the challenge.

Well, and the actual people infected will be challenged

Now we have 139 cases in Beijing. It is heating up yet the Chinese Hajj has not started…

As I said, air travel will get cheaper.

Beautiful. All the better to spread it all over Asia…

Back in the SARS period I flew return TPE to Amsterdam for 17,000 NT$ and got upgraded to business from AMS to HK, Cathay. Sweet deal. They put smaller planes in service and got overbooked.

This shit’s making me nervous. The airports here better be screening mainland mofos real good.

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They’re not.

^^ I often pick up visitors from the mainland to show them factories and take them sightseeing. None are treated any differently from any other passenger.

Can we just shut off all travel to and from China for 6 months? Nothing good ever comes from there anyway, except obnoxious and entitled tourists.


Chinese authorities are reporting 200 cases, but the real number is suspected to be almost 2,000. China is trying to cover up the severity of the epidemic again.

**While the new virus has not shown death rates like SARS – which infected more than 8,000 people and killed 774 in a pandemic that ripped through Asia in 2002 and 2003 – a new studyby Imperial College London suggests the number of infections in Wuhan is likely to have been grossly underestimated. **

"The detection of three cases outside China is worrying. We calculate, based on flight and population data, that there is only a 1 in 574 chance that a person infected in Wuhan would travel overseas before they sought medical care. This implies there might have been over 1,700 cases in Wuhan so far," Imperial College London’s Neil Ferguson, a disease outbreak scientist, told CNN.*


I read somewhere that they’re not actually sure it’s spread between people, but rather picked up from food. I don’t really believe it, of course…

I spent the week before Christmas in Thailand. Five days after I returned to Hsinchu, I came down with something I’ve never experienced before. It was definitely new to me.

Started with a cough that felt like somebody had hammered on my sternum. I’ve never had that particular pain with a cough in my life, never. Within twelve hours I could feel things getting very bad. I mean that I felt fine but it was like I knew that very soon I was going to be very sick. Very odd experience.

Soon I was coughing constantly but the hammer pain was almost gone. Then respiratory congestion set in and I slept for the better part of two days. Yeah, I woke up a few times feeling like I was drowning. Several times I aspirated stuff that made me cough very, very hard to clear my trachea. After two days I felt better but I wasn’t quite out of the woods. The congestion lasted longer than usual for me (probably five days or so), but the cough stayed around until just last week (but the frequency was way down and the cough wasn’t nearly as bad).

There are definitely some odd critters around this winter. Probably a good idea to avoid crowds, wash your hands, and not touch your face with your bare hands until after CNY. I rarely get colds or get sick, but this was bad.


I think we don’t need to worry too much in Taiwan. The air pollution surrounding Taichung will keep any virus at bay, they stand no chance.

In before:“But what about Taipei?” -> Taichung’s pollution knows no boundaries.